The Academy's uniform colour is royal deep purple.   Uniform is a deep purple sweatshirt or cardigan with a logo on, white polo shirt, dark trousers or skirt, dark socks and dark footwear.  When doing sport, the children should wear a white t-shirt with dark shorts or jogging trousers with trainers or daps.  The only exception to these requirements are that the Head Girl and Head Boy choose the colour of the polo shirt they want to wear as a special privalege to make them identifyable.

The logoed uniform is available from Mrs Davies at the Academy Reception every Monday @ 3:00pm.  The Academy keeps a stock of jumpers and bookbags, but cardigans will need to be ordered and we will ask for payment prior to ordering.  Please allow two weeks for delivery.  Purple sweatshirts and cardigans without the Academy's logo and other uniform items are available to buy online via http://direct.asda.com/george/school/sweatshirts/school-sweatshirt-purpl....

Uniform Sizes:

2-3 years (22")

3-4 years (24")

5-6 years (26")

7-8 years (28")

9-11 years (30/32")

12-13 years (34")

Small Adult (SA)


Jumpers - £9 (adult sizes £10)

Cardigans - £10

Bookbags.  Available in 2 styles; price depending on style - £4.50/£5.50

Staff Dress Code

Staff at Four Acres Academy and Children's Centres also have a Dress Code which can be found here.

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