Class Teacher : Miss Perry

Teaching Assistants :

Mrs Press (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Miss Williams (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning)

Miss Winstone (Thursday, and Friday)

Miss Pugh (Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday)



Class Information:

Firstly we would like to welcome you to Dragonfly Class and Four Acres Academy. We hope your children have a fantastic learning experience during their time here.

We are 2 classes consisting of up to 30 children. Dragonfly 1 chidren attend nursery all day Monday and Tuesday and a Wednesday morning. Dragonfly 2 children attend on a Wednesday afernoon and all day Thursday and Friday. Each week our learning consists of both adult led and child led learning which covers the 7 areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  

For the Foundation Stage 1 curriculum map click the following link. Curriculum Map 16 17.pdf 

Children take part in an activity based on food and cooking at least once a term. This will include exploring different foods and making things to eat. For this we kindly ask for a £1 donation each term. Please give money to a member of nursery staff. 


Term 1: 'All About Me'

To begin this term we will have a focus on settling in to our new classroom, finding our way around the classroom and making new friends. We will also be learning about ourselves and finding out about the different parts of the body and looking at similarities and differences between ourselves and those around us. The children will also begin to learn new stories and number rhymes. 

To view the planning for Term 1 and 2, please click the following link. Term 1 and 2 Medium Term Plan 2016.17 All About me and Traditional Tales.pdf  Please note that this plan is subject to change to reflect the children's interests.


Term 2: 'Traditional Tales'

The children made an excellent start to the year and they have settled in really well. Sadly this term we say goodbye to Miss Bragg, who has worked very hard in nursery and the team and children will miss her lots. Miss Bragg is staying within the school, but moving to work with Year 1 and 2 children. 

This term will be a very busy term for learning and with Christmas not so far away it will also be very exciting. We begin with a focus on scientific enquiry, followed by taking part in Nursery Rhyme week. We will be reading some traditional tales and also following our own interests. Please remember to look at the parents board to keep up to date with our weekly learning. 


Term 3: 'Animals'

This term we welcome some new children to Dragonfly class, and I am sure the current children will help them to settle in and learn our rules and routines. 

Our learning this term will be focused on different types of animals. We will be begin by reading the story 'Dear Zoo' and talking about our own pets. We will also look at other animals such as zoo animals, jungle animals and farm animals. Chinese New Year will also be celebrated this term, look out for the lucky red money envelopes being sent home. 

To view our planning for this term follow this link:Term 3 Medium Term Plan 2016.17 Animals.pdf

Cooking - This term every child will get the opportunity to make a mini pizza. Please ensure you pay £1 to nursery staff if you haven't already done so. Thank you. 

'Wild Walk' - We will begin exploring our school grounds and our natural environment. Please ensure every child has a pair of welly boots in school. 


Term 4 - 'People Who Help Us'

We are looking forward to an exciting Term 4. We are so busy and every day at school is so important. We will be learning about people who help us and how they help us. These will include police, fire fighters, road safety officers, caretaker and dentist. Most of our learning will be done in class and we will also have some visitors to our classroom. 

This term we will also be joining in with World Book Day, Waste week, school art show and Easter celebrations. Keep an eye out for the posters around school or updates on the school Facebook page. 


Term 5 & 6 - 'Ground, Air and Water.'

Wow! Term 5 already! The school year is going so quickly. Over the next two terms we will be learning about minibeasts, ways to travel, habitats, growing, lifecycles and many more activities. We will be using our outside area as well as our inside area to support our learning. We welcome any advice from budding gardeners who may be able to offer advice or some of their time to help us. We will be continuing to learn to write our names as well as re-capping the letter sounds learnt last term. 

We hope for lots of lovely weather and sunshine, so please remember to put suncream on your chlidren before school and to bring in a sun hat clearly named to school every day. 

Things to remember:

  • Every child should have a rucksack on their peg with spare clothes in, to include socks. 
  • A water bottle should be bought to school everyday and clearly named.  
  • 'Book swap Wednesday.' Children need to bring a book bag to school every Wednesday to change a book to share at home and get a stamp each week, with a reward if bought to school every Wednesday for a term. 



 A big thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to our Easter fundraising event. We raised a huge £170 for Early Years. Dragonfly class are going to make a sand pit, keep an eye out for work on this to begin shortly. 


Ways to help your child at home

We will support your children as best we can but your support and encouragment at home is also important.

Mathematical development

  • Count the number of stairs or the number of cars that pass.
  • Sing number songs 
  • Complete number puzzles
  • Look out for numbers in the environment
  • Talk about the size of different people, objects e.g. taller/shorter
  • Talk about the different shapes in the environment.

Literacy development

  • Read stories together in a quiet place
  • Let your chlidren make up their own stories
  • Play games such as 'Simon Says' to develop listening skills
  • Help them to recognise and write their own name
  • Making marks using different resources e.g. pens, paint, chalk.
  • Singing nursery rhymes

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