Sunflowers Nurture Group

Group Leader: Mrs. Phillips

Group Assistant: Mrs Yeatman

Welcome to Sunflowers Nurture Group.

We are a small class of 8 to 10 children who spend a substantial part of each week in the group but remain part of our mainstream class.  

Sunflowers is designed to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent, predictable and safe place for children.  With two specially-trained members of staff whose task is to model courteous and supportive behaviour whilst making the children feel accepted and valued.  Our aim is to be a bridge between home and school, missed learning opportunities are addressed according to the individual profile of needs.  We provide support to promote positive emotional and social growth and cognitive development, at whatever level of need the child manifests.  

We work and plan activities in close partnership with the children's class teacher ensuring the same skills and objectives are taught as their peers, meaning whilst there is a focus on social skills the children still have full access to all areas of the curriculum.  Lessons are shorter but more structured than in the mainstream class and levels of achievement are raised by carefully targeted teaching/learning opportunities.  

There is a great emphasis on communication and in order to teach various social skills such as turn taking and sharing, the children prepare and eat a snack each afternoon. During this time positive relationships are modelled and there is also an emphasis on the development of language and communication skills.  

The main aim of Sunflowers is to give children the skills needed to be able to effectively return to their mainstream class within 4-8 terms. 

Term 1 Topic: 'Hello, I'm new here'

Together, we will agree the group rules to help us to be safe in Sunflowers.  We will be exploring how the children felt when they started at this school and their transition into their new class.  Children will explore places within school that they have never been before and during our art activities we will create a mural of their favourite area.  In science we will plant some seeds indoors and observe the changes.  The children will record the changes and talk about what they observe using scientific language.  In PE will will focus on circle time games.   

Term 2 Topic: Being Healthy

This term there will be a strong focus on science and PSHE.  We will be looking at the purpose of different body parts and how we can keep our bodies healthy through excercise and diet.  The children will have the opportunity to use a stethoscope to measure their heart rate before and after exercise.  

We will be preparing healthy food to have at snack time and discussing the importance of having 5 fruits or vegetables per day. 

We will also be introducing the children to a variety of playground games and exploring friendships - ie. what makes a good friend.

At the end of the term we will be having a friendship day, where each child can invite a friend to Sunflowers for the afternoon to enjoy a range of fun activities prepared by the children.  

Term 3 Topic: Stories from around the World

We start term 3 by introducing the children to traditional tales from around the world.  Throughout the topic we will be sharing stories from a range of countries and finding them on a world globe.  Our science focus will be 'floating and sinking'; the children will be designing a boat to help the Chapatti man to cross the river.  Our art activities include creating Chinese Fans, paper flowers and aboriginal print.  The children will also prepare, cook and taste food from around the world.  In P.E. there is a focus on direction and there will be the opportunity for the children to choreograph and perform a Chinese dragon dance.     

 Term 4: Australia

 This term builds on the knowledge from our term 3 topic, Stories from around the world.  We will focus on Australia, the children will be creating a 3D model of Ayers Rock to be displayed in our art show.  

Throughout this topic the children will learn about aboriginal art, australian food as well as keeping safe in the sun.    

 Term 5: Starry Night

 This term the children will be focusing on music, art, science and P.E. We will dive into our topic by creating "A starry night" in the hall, learning about what stars are made of and listening to the sounds of the stars.

The children will also be listening to and learning a variety of songs about the planets, discussing their order and how they revolve around the sun.  In art we will explore colour pallets, textures and brush strokes.  Together we will be creating our very own solar system. 

 In P.E, we will be training like an astronaut, using outside area.  


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