Class Teacher : Mr Knapper

Teaching Assistant : Miss Cunha


Class Information: We are a very hardworking mixed year 3&4 class with 26 children. Each week our learning includes: reading; writing; maths and topic. Alongside this, R.E, P.E, Spanish and computing make up our busy weekly curriculum.  

Homework will be given out weekly, usually a Friday, which will include tasks in literacy, numeracy and topic work.

Spelling: Pupils will also be expected to learn 6 spellings per week. These will be given on Monday and taught throughout the week and tested throughout the unit. Pupils will be expected to practise these at home to support their class learning.

P.E. (curriculum map) takes place twice a week currently on Thursday and Friday.  Pupils are expected to bring in appropriate P.E kit, which should include a t-shirt, shorts/jogging bottoms and trainers or daps.

Swimming will take place every Tuesday afternoon through T4 and half of term 5. Pupils will be expected to bring swimming kit: shorts or swimming costume (no bikinis or short below the knee), a towel and goggles (optional).

T1: Gymnastics

T2: Indoor ball games, netball and basketball

T3: Dance

T4: Invasion games / Swimming

T5: Cricket / Swimming

T6: Athletics

Reading is a key focus in Owl class with many opportunities to read for pleasure throughout the day. Guided reading takes place every day with the aim of building pupils’ understanding of a variety of texts. We will regularly read with pupils ensuring they have a fresh supply of books to promote a love of reading. 

We need you: Our pupils enjoy learning and we love inspiring them to learn more, but we can only do that with help from home.  Please listen to your child read at least three times a week and encourage them to complete their homework and talk about their learning. For a complete overview of the school curriculum click here. For the Key Stage Two curriculum map for 2015-16 click here. 

Superstar of the week: In year 3&4 we emphasise the development of pupils’ self esteem. One of the ways we have chosen to do this is with our Superstar award. These are given out to one pupil from each class every Friday. Pupils are presented with a yellow star covered in positive quotes about them. What makes these awards so special is the quotes are provided not by us the teachers, but by their fellow pupils. This has become a highlight of our week and our Superstars take pride of place in our corridor display.

Term 1: How do we see? How do we hear?

This topic is designed to teach pupils about the two senses ‘see’ and ‘hear’. The topic focuses on the science behind the senses ‘how do our eyes and ears work?’ Pupils will further develop their understanding of the senses through a range of practical and wrote lessons. ‘See and Hear’ will include a range of subjects, making links between science, art, music and DT. We are really excited to be starting the year with such a practical and engaging topic.

Term 2: Why do we speak English? 

During this topic we will be predominanty focusing on History and Geography. We will look into the history of our country, including the invasions of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, discussing the impact this had on our country and the language that we speak. We will then be focusing and learning about the Vikings. This will include an exciting Viking visit for all of Phase 3 (Lower Key Stage 2), where we will learn lots of 'hands on' information. If you would like to see an overview of this topic please click here

Term 3: Chocolate

The topic is designed to develop pupil’s scientific understanding of irreversible/reversible changes and the value of food as fuel. The pupils will then complete market research to find out key information. Once this has been carried out pupils will design and make their own chocolate bar and packaging. We are eager to get started with the topic and look forward to the fantastic fuel filled chocolate bars we will make! If you would like to see an overview of this topic please click here


Term 4:Our Inner Space

Throughout term 4 our focus will be on human biology. My Inner Space teaches children about how the body works; organ functions, nutrition, healthy loving practices and a core focus on the effect of exercise. We will have a visit from a nurse to discuss with pupils ways they can improve their health. Furthermore, pupils will have a fantastic opportunity to create their own exercise plans and routinely practise them to gauge the impact regular exercise has on the human body.  Click here for the Topic overview


Term 5

In Owls class this term we have a special class specific topic. We are fortunate enough to have volunteers from the local community visiting us to share their personal experiences of south Bristol. Our topic entitled a 100 years of British History. Later in the term we will begin our topic on the famous poem From a Railway Carriage. The focus of which will be literacy but will also afford us the opportunity to discuss rail travel and create the trains of the future! Click here for the Topic overview

Term 6:A European Study of Italy

We are very excited for term 6, not just because the summer is almost here. Throughout term 6 we will be focussing on geography specifically European studies. We will begin by looking at the continent, the countries and numerous cultures. Then gradually narrow our focus to Italy, as we begin our depth study. Pupils will learn about the geography, history and culture of this fantastic country. With an aim to produce a detailed presentation applying their computing skills. All this as well as sports day, end of year performance and the summer fayre. We are eager to get started! Click here for the Topic overview

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