Class Teacher : Mr Saunders

Teaching Assistant : Miss Cunha and Miss Winstone (Tuesday)

Class Information:

We are a year 5 class with 29 children.  Each week our learning consists of reading, writing, grammar, handwriting, maths and topic. Alongside this R.E, P.E, Spanish and computing make up the weekly curriculum.  Homework will be given out weekly on a Friday, which will consist of literacy, numeracy  or topic-based with a set of spellings to learn for a test the following week (Friday). P.E (curriculum map) take place twice a week on Monday and Tuesday.  Pupils are expected to bring in appropriate P.E kit which should include a white t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers or daps.

PE- Gymnastics will be the PE focus for this term. Pupils wil be applying a variety of gymnastic skills to create their own rountine. 

Our pupils enjoy learning and we love inspiring them to learn more, but we can only do that with help from home.  Please listen to your child read at least three times a week and encourage them to complete their homework.

For a complete overview of the school curriculum click here. For the upper Key Stage Two curriculum plan for 2017-18 click UKS2 long term plan.docx:


Term 1- ‘Fairground’

Year 5 have a rollercoaster of a first term ahead of them! As a stimulus for the topic, we will be visiting Brean Leisure, to gain a real experiene of who rides operate. During this topic we will  become scientist, in order to understand how a fairground ride works. They will investigate electrical circuits, push and pull forces and test electrical conductors. Once we understand how a fairground ride works the fun can begin…

The children will design their very own fairground ride. Once the design has been evaluated, adapted and improved the children will then make the fairground ride they have designed – evaluating and adapting as they make! For more information please view our topic plan here.


Term 2- 'The Normans

We will be stepping back in time and becoming historians, learning about one of the most important historical moment- The Battle of Hastings. We will study what life in Norman Britain was like and the changes that happened. We will also be visiting Cardiff Castle and learning about the importance of castles dueing the Norman period.  


We will also be learning African drumming this term. This will take place every Monday morning. At the end of the term we will be celebrating our success with a  class performance during assembly. All parents are welcome!

Term 3- 'Mysterious Materials'- what is it made of?

This term we will become scientist, carrying out various experiments linked to materials and their properties. We will be developing pupils enquiry through experiements by taking measurements, making predictions and presenting findings. 

Our computing focus for the term is ' We are Artist'.  The children will be given the opportunity to explore how to create a variety of art through graphic design, using different programmes.  We will be creating tessalations, replicating the artwork of famous artist and  generating landscapes. 


PE- The focus for PE this term is dance. We will be creating our own class dance linked to our topic. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes! 








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