Reading at Four Acres Academy

Reading, begins with the love of books and stories, being read to and sharing books together, is a tradition that is valued and used through-out the school.

Children select their own books to read and are encouraged to take these books home to share with loved ones.  We have an extensive range of books that are “book banded” and span a variety of levelled publishers including Oxford Owl, Rigby Star, Oxford Reading Tree, Project X etc.  The book bands are linked to reading recovery levels and pupils are regularly assessed using PM Benchmarking to ensure progression.  Pupils are also encouraged to select books from our school library and encouraged to join the local community library.

Early reading is taught through phonics using the Read Write Inc phonics sets.  Pupils are encouraged to use these phonics sounds to blend for both reading and spelling.  Phonics is taught alongside sight vocabulary and common exception words which do not follow the expected phonic rules.  Reading resources from the “Read Write Inc” scheme are used through-out the school to aid continuity, such as “Get Writing” (EYFS and KS1) Comprehension (Y2-4) and “Get Spelling” (Y2-6).  These resources are not used exclusively but at the discretion of teachers to enhance and support teaching.  The exception being the “Read Write Inc Spelling” scheme that is used consistently.

In many classes teachers use “guided reading” sessions to discuss books with children, this could be whole class but is often in small groups of similar ability.  Whole class “comprehension” lessons maybe used to teach pupils general principles such as skimming for key words, to discuss challenging vocabulary, to discuss grammatical features or an author’s intent.

Older children are encouraged to read with younger children and often give up sections of their lunchtime to do so.  Children in year 5 and 6 run the library during lunchtime helping children to select books, use the library correctly, log out/in books and read to children.

Parents are encouraged to participate in stay and read sessions with their children in early years and KS1.  Communication between school and home is further encouraged through the use of children’s reading records.

During 2015-16 Four Acres Academy participated in a research project called “Switch On” and using the training received also offer this intensive 1:1 support through pupil premium funding.

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